Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David's Baby Book

The first keepsakes that Laurie and John prak had of their baby boy was an ultrasound picture of David, a write up in the paper and his identification bracelets.

Baby David & Jolene

Jolene and David as new borns

Jolene May Besth

November 21/1979

born @ 4:45pm

7lbs 5oz.

Brown eyes & brown hair

David John Prak

July 13/1979

born @ 8:04am

9lbs 5oz.

Blue eyes & light brown hair

Thursday, August 23, 2007

2 Months

Here is our first picture of how my belly is growing. Every month there will be a new updated picture for ever one to see.

Peeee Here....

Ok, yup....it's happened( "finally" some would say)

The picture says it all!!!! Yup.....David and I are pregnant. Were both so exited and can't wait till we have our own bundle of joy. I'm only 2months and 3 days today and I we haven't told that many people yet. So, my sista in law April has a blog of her own and said one day to do the same. I figured it would be the best way for all my family and friends to find out how things are going for our new family. So far, I have been feeling sick most mornings, some food I hate to eat(bell peppers, beats, most veggies...yuck!), and my sense of smell is really almost to good(everything smells gross or really good), boobies are going crazy and I'm tired! But over all this is all sooo worth what is going to happen to me and our life. I really can't believe is all happening!! I'm going to love being a MOM!!!!!