Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy birthday Nick

Yesterday was little Nick's first birthday. He was born exactly 2 weeks after Ella, so their very close in age. He's become a very outgoing happy little boy, that we love very much:) This photo is one of my favorite pictures of the little munchkin
"Happy First Birthday"
love Auntie Jo, Uncle Dave and Cousin Ella

Springing into life...

~I love Spring it's my favorite season, there's so much to explore~
~Teaching Ella to stop and smell the flowers~
~Spring have arrived~
~Wave "Hello"~
~ This is Ella's CD, she has two of her own to play with~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another girl....baby Aila

This is a picture of my girlfriend's new baby girl named "Aila". Born April 13th @ 3am. Weighed 7Ibs. 14oz. and 53 cm long.
She looks a lot like her daddy ,I think!
Congratulations... Agata and Nick

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Spring sunny days... ~

~Ella's has such beautiful hair, and it's starting to look more like she'll be curly!~
~ She has a problem... everytime I fold the laundry, she searchs for the same panties of mine, and won't let go of them ~ So I find pairs of panties around the house....so funny~

~ See this was just this morning, again she found my panties that she likes the most!~

~ On her birthday~

~So beautiful the cherry blossoms~

~ I found this great toy at the thrift store for One Dollar,yah for me~!~

~Ella going GREEN~

~ Day at the park, didn't anybody tell not to go up the slide~

~ Exploring~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter....

* My colorful jars*
*Ella's new wagon from her birthday, giving a ride to her friend Sean*
*My friend Maria and son came over and we had a family photo shoot. Were going to try to make it a tradition to do it every year around Easter time* Thank you again Maria:)
* Andrew, David's traveling cousin. Gave us a surprise visit from Austria. Were we so happy to see him again, it's been 2 years. We missed you!*
*Easter dinner with the Goodwins....yummy*

*Nanna and Ella geting tired, night night*

* Ella's new yellow dress. But it's hard to crawl in it,so we had to take it off:(* Mommy's looking forward to dresses*
* Eggs.....and more eggs, I love coloring eggs*

* Easter candy's*
* Ella getting into everything again*

* Feet in the grass*
**Happy Easter from the Prak Family to all our Family and Friends**

Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Happy first birthday Ella~

Well it happened "I officially have a One year one in the house!". Ella May Prak was born April 8th @ 4:03pm. She can now crawl up stairs, can take around 5 steps at a time, has lots of hair, and has 8+ teeth. So she eats everything and anything (kidney beans and pineapple are some of her favorites). Her personality has changed to a loud but very sweet and cuddly little girl. We go to the library all the time b/c she loves her books. She'll take the time to turn all the pages and really take in all the images on each page. She's hyper in the morning and at night. Has lots of energy and can be really silly and fun ,maybe b/c she still has 2 naps a day. And sleeps all through the night ,6pm till 6:30 am. I see that she challenges herself all the time with new things.

The things I miss are..... breastfeeding her in a quiet corner, going for long walks while she sleeps, using the sling..mmm..I don't miss much. I think over the past year, I have really enjoyed watching her change and grow. I wonder what she's going to do next?


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Easter Eggs with chalkboard painted on them. You can let your family and friends make little messages to the chef at Easter dinner. Or the kids can draw their own Easter rabbits! What a great idea!

Monday, April 6, 2009

~~The green grass~~

~ Big Eyes~
~ She's so tall~
~Ella 363 days old...hee...sounds old~
~Checking out the leaves~
~My sweet baby's feet in the grass~
~Dori looking very spring like~ ~Me and Ella~
~ Mommy loves you~
~Just after eating some dirt~
~Peek a boo~
Today Ella and I celebrated Spring today. We went for a walk in the morning,and sat out in the backyard with a blanket. We took our shoes off and stuck out feet in the glass for the first time. We played with some fallen leaves and even got to eat some dirt when mom wasn't looking...Yummy! We saw a butterfly and even a lady bug for the first time. Ella was rolling on the blanket and having the time of her life. It was a special day for the two of us...Well mostly because I think I was doing the same thing, same time last year. Just sitting in the sun waiting for Ella to be born. Her birthday is on Wednesday and I'm simple amazed that the year is gone and I'll be having a One year old in the house. So I wanted to share with you the great day we had,and of course some great pictures that I captured of Ella and Spring.