Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Monday, January 26, 2009

~Fun days~

A visit with the Greats
Reading a book

Our new table, Ella helping daddy.
Ella saying hello to baby Hurley!
Meow, kitty!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~A poem to my Boobies~

Oh, to the boobies
Where have you gone
My husband still loves you
But I think your wrong
Oh, to the boobies
Will you be back
I need another baby
To not have such a lack
Oh, to the boobies
Your never going to be the same
I'm starting to realize
Who am I to blame?
Oh, to the boobies
You used to be glorious, perky and full
Everything was looking up
But gravity took over and know you are "BULL"
Oh, to the boobies
Even though it's not the same
You had my sweet Ella happy
So I have no one to blame
Oh, to the boobies
I'm learning to say goodbye
It's better to laugh at you
And not make me cry
Oh, to the baby's
It's not your fault
I'll love you forever
I just needed to sulk
Oh, to the mother's
That say "mine are still there"
You must be quiet now!
Or I'll punch you right there!
Oh, to the boobies
I can't help but feel
I miss you so much
You just don't feel real....
By: Jolene Prak ;(
~I would like to dedicated this poem to my own "Socks with Rocks"~hee...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 2009..here we come!

Two thumbs up for Obama...
Dad's shoes are always a good time!
~ Ella watching Obama become president~
~ Eating breakfast, and keeping an eye on Obama~
Ella wants to climb the stairs all the time, today she decided to go all the way up to get her red shoe. So worth the climb,and I was so proud of her!
This was a morning hanging out at great Auntie Dales house for some coffee and play time with Great Grandma and Grandpa....
~Was a fun morning~They really get a kick out of watching Ella~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Week

We had David's Winter party for his work last Sat night downtown, it was a blast. Ella slepted over at Nanna and Pappa's house for the first time. She's slept the whole night and was a really good little girl.
Ella loves tub time!

She can know watch me fill up her tub and helps me add the bubbles too! She's growing up so fast~

This was so funny, she was playing dentist on David's mouth. She had her whole fist in his mouth. She seemed to be really checking things out....How does it look Dr, Ella??? Going to need some work done??hee..
~ She thought it was funny too~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 months

Ella's 9 months tomorrow..... She's changed so much lately! She can know crawl, almost pull herself along the couch, eat all kinds of food and even walk and move by herself with her walker. She likes to play by herself and chat to her stuff animals, I swear she's talking to them! One of her favorite food mixture is Avocado, Mango and a dash of lime, it's one of my favorite too~hee hee~. Ella still loves to sleep a ton, and all through the night(cross your finger's). We started another swimming lessen's today, and she seems so much more wiggly since last November's class. She's health ,happy and full of laughter.
~~Happy 9 Months sweet pea, we love you~~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~More Christmas~

~ The HUGE table at Kimm's house~
~ Ella being the loudest in the room,even with pea's in her mouth~
~ Abby trying really hard to get a single pea on her fork, she did it too!~
~Cousin's Abby and Ella~
~ David, not sure what he's doing, Ella being loud again!~
~Some of the Besth gang!~
~ Mommy and Ella on a winter walk~
~ Daddy and Ella playing in the snow~

Christmas Day!

Ella's 1st Christmas Photo!
Our Tree....
David and Ella opening gifts~
Ella loved all the bow's!
Mommy is just as excited~
How did Santa get so small?? Such a cute santa this year..
David and Jolene (Ella was sleeping again)
The Maass family photo(Davids Sister's family)
The Boy's
Laurie and John Prak
Ella finally woke up from her Nap to open a gift!

Besth Christmas

Abby wearing her dress up hats and glasses from Auntie Jo
It's cold in here, lets warm up by the fire!
Lucas and Jamie
Nice jacket Dave, good job April!
Me and my hunny!
Lucas, Vann and Nick
Ella wanting to be a turkey!
It was a very busy Christmas like usual. Every year we have such a great time being with family and friends. Our Christmas dinner's last for 3 to 4 day's, ever day has something happening! Chistmas Eve was here at our place with my Mom and Dad and family. X-mas morning is a brunch here with the Prak family, then dinner at my auntie Kimm's. Boxing day was driving out to Potters for sales (every year!) then dinner at David's auntie Janie's house with all the family. It's crazy but so much fun! Ella had a great time everywhere she went. But most of the time she seemed to be sleeping. People kept asking "where's Ella?"....sleeping again! When she was awake she was the loudest in the room, just to make sure everyone knew she was here is year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!