Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Monday, June 28, 2010

~More June fun~

Baseball fun!

Ella coverd in paint and playing in her water boats
I love this picture of Ella, what a cutie!
Dinner at the beach park.Playing with Daddy!

Full mouths of Momma's dinner,yummy!

Roses in my garden

Our first batch of Carrots out of the garden.Here there getting a good wash for dinner
A good look at my favorite flower,the clematis plant. I found this ladder in the Spring clean up.It's a great piece for the clematis to grow on.
I have a request to put an updated picture of Dave settled into the new office. Get to work sweetie!

Friday, June 25, 2010

PINK and BLUE toes!

BOY OR GIRL painted toes, know I'm ready,hee !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

39 weeks TODAY

39 weeks today
Ella and I visited the Bird Sanctuary today

The Beach park yesterday and had a picnic together.This is Ella pushing her blanket in the swing
More of the Ducks
I went to the Doctor's today and the head is down and ready to go. Know as today I am 39 weeks pregnant and really ready to have this baby anytime. I have been trying to go out with Ella as much as possible before the new addition comes. It's been challenging but we have had some great last days together as Ella being the only child for one last time. My emotions have been a little bit up there, nerves and worries about the birth. I can't believe soon I'll be meeting this baby and finding out once and for all what it is....If I had any feeling at all for my guess of gender ,I would guess boy! But another girl would be so great too. Will try to keep you undated as time goes on, hoping I don't go another week. Wish me luck and Dave too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Camping at 9 months pregnant,hee!

Helping Dave make the first fire

Ella helping feed Adriana's ,she thought it was awesome!
Daddy and daughter having a moment
Good morning Daddy's "Its Father's Day" and it's time for crafts
Ella and her Dad making a special stepping stone for the garden
Family of 3, soon to be 4 camping
Pool fun

Look at the posture!
Ella totally relaxed putting her feet up and having lunch
Ella feeding Mom and Baby
Nice time for a game of boccie while the kids are napping
Our tent and soon to be bigger car, I can't believe we fit all that we do for camping in this small car. Time for an upgrade!

Well it was my first real weekend off and the sun was shining. We have been able to camping 3 times in the last month or so. But I was still working and sick for the second one. I wasn't about to miss this last weekend away. It was so great, the sun was out the whole time and the kids had so much fun. I couldn't believe I could sleep so well in a tent at 9 months pregnant,but I did.
Father's Day morning we made Dave and Derek a nice hot breakfast of scrabbled eggs and hash brown's, yummy! Then we made stepping stones for our gardens with the kid's helping. I was the most relaxed I have been in months. I thought about nothing and did nothing too, it was perfect! Can't wait to take 2 kids camping and make more family memories in the future.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

38 weeks

Well this month was a crazy month for my little family. We have been all sick over and over again, for over 4 weeks we have had everything. Ella and Dave started out with the 24 hours flu ,after that Ella came down with a bad fever that she had for 2 days and more throw up. I got sick with a head cold,major sore throat and really bad cough. I have been on the mends for weeks know and just a few days again Dave started getting all my symptom's as well. Ella is doing really great(Knock on wood) and were both trying to breath with our noses for the first time in days. Sleep has been minimal and time is running out.

So getting pasted all the complaining, we do still plan to have Father's day camping this weekend, that's if the sun is out. And enjoy the last few weeks the best we can. We have the baby's room put together and the house is ready,I think! I have come to terms that the pain of child birth is on it's way and it's going to be the last time being pregnant. I told Dave today "If you ever thought I would consider having a third baby? It will never happen, this pregnancy has made it all clear and I my limit is 2 kids." I think were both able to just start to get excited about the birth of the new baby and were ready as well ever be.

We're really looking forward to when Ella can come meet her new baby brother or sister in the hospital. I have planned it so she will have a gift there for her from the baby, so hoping she likes the idea of a new baby. And I have a disposable camera for her to bring to the hospital and take pictures of her new sibling. See things through Ella's big blue eyes. I hope all that will get her excited and feel like she's all apart of it all too.

Tomorrow I will be taking on the challenge of starting potty training for Ella too. She's so close and I haven't had anytime to focus on her. She will be waking up and going straight to the potty to pick out her first pair of panties of the day to wear. I'm hoping because she has NEVER felt wet before that it will make it all kick into gear. She already poop's on the potty it's just pee pees that are the challenge. Will keep you up dated!

Today was my last day of work and thank god it's all done. I honestly can't believe I have gone this far being on my feet. And for the first time I came home and took my shoes off and saw my feet purple and swollen. Today I was on my feet for a full 9 hours, that's not cool! I've had enough.....no more work for another year,yahoo!

So there you go! That's all that's happened for the past while and I hope it's all up hill from here. Thanks for listening to me babble on ,it felt really good.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The new office!

Dave setting up Look at all that fresh air!
Nice work Dave
Oh, and this is Ella glass pet turtle. I think a turtle would be a great first pet of her own.

Proud of you Dave, your very good at keeping your word :) luv you

June is here!

The new office door and window

The beginning
Ella waking up in the morning of camping

Ella has a new friend ,Sarah!!!! Come....

Waking up in the tent! We managed.

Ryan showing the kids that this is a log cabin,and tomorrow he will show them the tepee :)

Sarah, Ella and Bradley

The beach day, Ella loves the beach and getting messy!

Ryan ,Alex and Nicole

Ella taking it all in

Say cheese mommy

36 weeks, belly getting very heavy!

Well we have be so busy in the month of May. But know that June is here and I only have 4 more weeks to my due date. I'm doing nothing but have fun! We managed to go camping over the weekend and had a blast even in the rain. It wasn't to bad, I took my time doing things and went for lie downs twice a day to save my energy and get off my feet. The only thing hard was getting in and out of the tent. Putting Ella down to bed was hard to,but we did it. I do hope the weather gets better for the month of June. Because we plan to go camping 2 more weekends, if no baby. Were very close to home ,we only camp in White rock. Totally do-able for a 30min drive to Richmond if I go into labor. I just want to enjoy my family of three as much as we can before live gets turned upside down again. Dave and Papa have been working really hard on the new office in the backyard. He promised me that it will be done by the end of May and he starts his journey to the backyard as of tomorrow. I can know start the babe's room, finally! I have been feeling no excitement for the new baby and I think it's b/c I couldn't really get the house ready. But I'm getting there! I added a picture of the new office space,a day at the beach and my huge belly at 36 weeks.