Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Saturday, August 23, 2008

baby bottom!

Yestorday Davids family got together for the first family photo's from Sears. It was the first time with the whole family is together in a picture ,grand kids and kids and grandparents too. I love pictures and we had a great time goofing off and trying to get the young kids to smile and not look so stund! Was funny, if you can imagine. I will try to post some when we get them back. We then all went to Boston pizza for dinner. It was nice to get out with the family.

Today Ella and I went to the "Charlette Diamond" concert in Landsdowne Mall. It was so much fun watching all the young kids jumping and dancing to all the song I grow up with. And because we all seemed to grow up on her songs like "baby baluga" and "4 hugs a day" the parents all had fun too! Ella loves to hear singing ,I think she enjoyed it....but looking forward to next year so she can sing along with Mommy.

She's playing again at the Lansdowne Mall again in November, so if your a fan ...go go go!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer 08

Pool time!
Ella all rapped up in her towel creepy babe....with extra hands

Here is Ella getting her chance in the pool, she went in 3 times that day...is was so hot and sticky! Yesterday we had dinner with some friends and they have a 7 month old girl named Anja, such a sweetie pie. I hope they become good buds, you now....... once Ella stops crying everytime they look at each other...so cute! Their a really great family to now...we're lucky we have them as friends.

August Heat!

My mom Brenda in her beautiful garden, it's amazing what my mom can do with her time. The garden is full of beets,carrots,lettuce,beans,potato's,onions,butter lettuce,spinach even peppers and chilli's.....and more! I have been lucky enough to get a ton of it and have made it into baby food for Ella when she's ready to have solids. I boil and blend them, put them into ice trays, freeze them and stick them into zip lock bags....label and walla....organic baby food!So exiting.
Ella's cousin Abby and auntie April playing in the pool on a hot day. I told Abby to splash her Mommy and she thought it was so funny....poor April got it good! Ella wanted to join in

the fun but she thought a good nap would be better.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mommy & Daddy

David and Jolene playing on the lake.....was scary! Thanks to Dave's uncle David.... we needed a good laugh.

Lake Goodwin 2008

Ella having a bath!
Mommy &Ella

Ella memorized by the fire!
Happy RVing..how do you go back to tenting???
Daddy and Ella playing

Ella kicked my butt at scrabble. She's good!!!
Daddy and Ella playing on the top bunk, those sleepy heads!

My happy girl!!!!!!!!!
Mommy can't stop taking photo's of her! I can't STOP............

Lake Goodwin....such a great play to relax!

Well Ella has had her first camping trip, but with a little cheating with a comfortable RV to sleep in. She did so well, slepted great and naped great too. It must of been all the fresh air she had. This has been the second year up at Lake Goodwin with David's family,which is just an hour after the washington boarder. It's funny thinking about last year because this was the same time we told his family that I was pregnant with Ella, and now she's 4 months old and here camping with us. Were looking forward to next year,with Ella maybe walking around the camp ground with us and swimming in the lake too. We really enjoyed it all, and can't wait till the next trip.