Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been really busy times...but fun

A wet day with the kids,just the three of us ...was fun(sorry Nick, about the girlie rain coat XO)
Dancing in the livingroom

Eating some snacks

Ella stealing the snacks

Jenny at ball...good girl

Jenny's foot going for first plate
The last game of the season
Our BEST fans ever....man they gave grown:) xoxox

Ella with her long hair, needed some pigtails...
Whats it like in Daddy's shoes????mmmm.....
Ryan's birthday park party
Abby and Ella at the farm party,Ella looks like she's having so much fun(getting sleepy)
My new haircut...I love it...short on one side long on the other. If I look tired it's b/c I am....

Well were fully in our NEW house! It's been a lot of busy days and nights for the past 2 weeks. It's been amazing on how much we got done in ONLY 2 weeks. And we couldn't of done it without all the family and friends to help. And did we ever have help, everybody was sooo amazing. From taking care of Ella when needed to helping with shampooing the carpets and painting. David, Ella and I are so thankful to all of you, it made it less stressful for everybody (mostly Ella had a good time moving). The first week we painted the whole inside of the house and cleaned the rooms for our next weekend of moving. Our first night was good ,Ella and I slept like baby's Dave not so much. I think it was b/c the computer wasn't set up yet for his work. It's a little bit nerve racking not knowing if it's all going to go smoothly :). Dori is adjusting really well, she seems to get spooked a little bit from new noises. She has already found her favorite spots in the house where Ella can't get to her...hee. We have made a huge dent with the unpacking, the house is looking like it's been lived in. It's not easy trying to put rooms together, mostly b/c we had so much crap. Which we thankfully gave to the local thrift store (just don't look back it would be like it never happened, hee). Dave and I sat down one night over a glass of wine and said what we liked about the house. I really LOVE my new kitchen, and I don't even like to cook;) Dave loves the yard and the snug family feel...haa haa. I've been happy to have my family all on one level ,no more trying to find each other. And I can send Ella to her room to play with her toys, no more toys in the living room. I think were going to be very happy here!

Lately,Ella has been getting interested in potty training, so we went out and bought her a potty. She goes on it twice a day ,and she's feeling much more comfortable sitting on it for longer periods of time......OK I just left my computer for the evening to finish up the day and I was going to go back and start again on this page. So, tonight I put Ella on the potty like always before bath time......and.....she piddled! It's was a very proud moment for Ella and mommy. She knew she did something very good and thought she was the best of the best tonight. I just couldn't believe it...I wonder whats going to happen tomorrow night for pee pee time,hee...so exciting. Tonight I'm a very proud mommy....:)ok..I'm done:) We've been having lots of guesses come by and see the house and it's fun to show it all off. I started hair cutting again tonight also, feels good to see family and friends again with all their hair falling to the floor:) Well today was a good day and I'm ready to go finish the movie Dave and I couldn't finish last night. Were getting older ,we need our beauty sleep you know:) Well good night everybody ,oh and just a heads up, the weather network(I'm a Geek) is saying it's going to get HOT again next week...on the 20th it's suppose to be 34'....wow! I hope it happens but not that hot again. Good night

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ella and her mum at the farm party

* Anybody would like to get rid of old BUtToNs...???? Will be collecting to make my the flower pot of buTOns*
* Ella and mom getting sleepy ,was a long day of fun!