Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls go to Vegas"

Well we made it home in one piece. It was a really great 3 days of being with the girls. We shopped,gambled,walked,drank, and ate...and ate...and ate some more! . It's amazing to think we were all able to do everything we all wanted to do in such a short time. I even got the girls to ride the Roller Coaster in New York,New York (but not Trisha,chicken...xoxox!). I thought we were all going to see each other on the other side, but we pulled through. It was crazy, maybe because we sat at the very back of the ride. The next night while Laurie and Trisha gambled and saw the sights. Mom, April and I saw "Blue Man Group" at the Venitian Hotel. It was so amazing! The blue men are so funny and the show totally "BLUE" me away....hee! If you ever are in Vegas,don't miss it! The trip couldn't have been any better.

Even though we didn't win BIG,I felt very lucky being there with some very special lady's in my life. Thank you all for coming, see you next year! hee....Kisses....

New addition's to the family's

David's cousin Nicole and husband Mark just had a baby boy named "Noah William Mark Bissat".Born Feb22 at 12:17pm,6lbs 7oz. Mom and baby are doing great,even though he was 3 weeks early. Congratulations!

While waiting for out flight to Vegas we got a call from my Auntie Dale. She's please to announce that Sheri and her boyfriend Jaz are engaged to be married. Congratulations!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Only for a while....Vegas here we come!

Viva Las Vegas.....Us girls are out of here come Saturday morning. My Mom(Brenda), mother in law(Laurie)and my 2 favorite sister in laws( April, Trisha). This trip started off with me having to go back to work soon.I wanted to do one more big thing,so the emails went out.Since then I've receiving many emails of excitement from you four.I think it's going to be a great and memorable trip.

Three of us are leaving our baby's home with the Daddy's for the weekend. I'm sure our homes will need a good cleaning when we get back. I'm almost sure the men are ready for us to get out of here and have some fun, right??? Well I think that could be arranged, right lady's!

We'll miss you our sweet baby's( Abigail,Ella,Ryan & Nick),oh and you husband's too!
Kisses....and hugs.... Stay tuned for pictures of out big weekend away.

PS...Ella sorry baby you can't come this time....out of the suitcase!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Months old....

Ella at 10 Months old They look so little on the swings
Ella, relaxing on the swing
Play time
Ella and Sean
Ella and Nickolas, Nanna was making them laugh.
night night!
Well, the time is going by fast these days. Ella just turned 10months old a couple of days ago. And she's giving the gift of cutting 3 or 4 teeth all at the same time to herself. But over all she's handling it really good. I seem to be catching her standing by herself in one spot, so maybe we'll have a walking little girl soon. Ellas a really fast climber up the stairs. And she knows Daddy is just up stairs working, so she whimpers at the closed door for him. So cute.

I will be back at work on March 20th, for 3 days a week. I think I'm ready, but will miss Ella so much! And having lunch with David too. Ella starts her daycare come March 6th. Same place that her big cousin Abby goes to. They will have every Friday together to play and get to know each other better.

Well even though things are changing again soon, the summer is on it's way. And I'll soon be planning Ella's 1st birthday party too....Thats just blows my mind!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BIRDS...birds...birds...and more birds!

~ We had so much fun~ ~ We named them "Jim and Penny", they were the good ducks~
~ Ella getting for Vitamin D and having a nice bottle of warm milk~
~ The ducks walk with you~
~ They had the most beautiful sound that came out of these birds~
~ Three tiny birds~
~ Couldn't believe it,so many birds. I was so happy I had my rubber boots on that day~

~ My happy baby~
~ So many more birds~
Yesterday Ella and I went to the Bird Sanctuary in Westham Island. It was a beautiful day and I know Ella would just love being there, and she really did!! We couldn't believe how many ducks and different kinds of birds there was. It was peaceful and quite with only the noise of the talking birds around us. But at one point there were so many ducks around Ella I thought for sure she would freak out, but she was so happy and smiling. There was one bird that came so close to flying into her, I could see Ella's fine hair move with the wind when the bird flew by. But again, didn't bother her...It cost me $4.00 to go into the trails. But that day ment a lot more to me, just being there with Ella is so amazing. She's such a vibrant and interesting little girl to be around. She melt's my heart! It was a great day for the both of us.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I couldn't believe this picture of the baby's foot print. I had to share it! That's amazing.....