Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Thursday, July 15, 2010

story time....

Smiling Noah

This is how Mommy feels
Fun in the backyard with cousin Ryan and Nick

July 10th we attended Mandy and Al's wedding, and Noah came along for the ride. So glad we made it!
Ella and little brother Noah, Macin and little brother Kayden

David's 31st birthday ,yummy carrot cake
Ella helping Daddy pick some of our potato's out of the garden, they were awesome!
Noah with his big eyes, just like his big sister

Well I can finally say I have done it all. I had a C-section and had a girl, as well as a natural birth and had a boy. I can know say having a natural birth was quite painful but one of the best experiences I have ever had, and I do wish I had it with Ella too.

So here's the story for those that want to know how Noah came into this world.

I started knocking on David's office door around 9am July 2 with small pains. Them I started to realize that something was really happening. I already had a doctor's appointment for 10am and had my mom come over to watch Ella. We all went to the appointment together and found I was 2 cm dilated already. Went home and walked the block keeping time with each contraction I had. By 1pm I was in the hospital with bigger pain but with small smiles. Once they broke my water it got crazy, I pushed for 2 hours and out came Noah at 11:14 pm. I always told my doctor that I really wanted the whole experience and he was able to give it to me. I got to feel Noah's head when I was crowning,Dave cut the cord and Noah was placed on me right away. We even had a science project with the placenta( sounds gross but...). He opened the sack and explained what we were looking at. Apparently I had a large placenta,huh...I had pushed so hard the last 2 hours determined to get him out. That I pushed with my face which burst blood vessels in my face and my eye balls almost popped out. I wouldn't recommend pushing with your eyes, I was seeing double for almost a day. Having to close one eye to see anything or anybody. They were so swollen I had to ice them for a few days.

Days later I had another doctors appointment with Noah by my side. The one thing I remember is that all my water was behind Noah when we came out. There for, everybody got completely drenched. So we brought doc a gift of new parts of socks and a photo of him holding Noah for the fist time.

I do know I loved both experiences but would never want to do it again. I believe we are done!

One girl and one boy what else could I ever ask for. I'm so happy to be me;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We did it! He's Here...

Day 4 and at home

Day before July 1st,cherry picking
Canada Day July 1st,only a family of three

Around 1pm checking into Hospital

Noah eye's wide open

Mommy checking him out to see if he's real ;)

Ella's first good look at Noah!

Had to put the picture in twice, he's so cute! hee..
Family of Four

It's a boy!

Noah Vann Prak was born at Richmond Hospital July 2nd at 11:14 Pm. He weighed 7lbs. 13 oz. and 49 cm long.