Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, November 30, 2008

*~The story about Wall*e and Eva~*

David and I watched the movie "Wall*e" tonight. It was so adorable and the robot Wall*e is so sweet to Eva. Everybody must go out and rent it. David I hope you'll always be my Wall*e and I hope to be your Eva always...hee!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ella Crawling for the first time

Crawling At 71/2 months!

Well Ella is know a crawler! She started about a week ago, so she's all over the place. I find her under tables, around the corner, and trying to catch our cat. Poor Dori (cat) doesn't quite understand that Ella can know touch her and go for her food. Maybe Dori will loose some weight know that she has to run away more. The minute she see's Dori in the room she goes for her....and fast! We have already had to change our livingroom around , so Ella has more room to crawl and less things for her to get into.

She only gets feed from me twice a day, so she'll soon be drinking from a bootle, full time. Kind of sad for me, but will be nice too. Ella also, loves to eat! She's starting to try new things again like chicken, turkey, strawberry's, avocado and her favorite rice cookie's. When Mom's not going fast enough for her to have her mouth full of food, she gets mad! So hurry up Mom!!!! I can tell when she's really tired, really hungry and really crancky too. She's growing up and changing everyday. The older Ella gets the more fun ,she's become. What next.......

Friday, November 21, 2008

29 Years....

Well I'm 29 years old today! Just shy of being in my thirty's. Thirsty seems to strike fear,dread and anxiety in most people, but not me. I have always said the teen years "your confused", your twenty's your trying to "figure things out". And the thirty's, you'll have a better grasp on things! I rather be turning 30 than 29, but I'll give 29 a chance. But so far I feel very lucky to be 29 , living in Canada, healthy and loving life! And what ever the thirty's bring, I'm sure my life will be looking pritty good.

"See you in one more year...#30"


Monday, November 17, 2008

Cancun Mexico 2008

Cancun 2008

Mexician restaurant

Hard Rock lunch, yummy!

Mommy and Ella

Blue sky's, everyday!


Beach baby!

Lounging after dinner

feet in the sand!

Big kisses!

Our pool!

Ella being cute!

Beach bum!

The Caribbean!

Hot day, got up to 30'!!

Ella's bassinet on the plane,and dinner!

Walk after dinner!

What a stud!

Ella eating sushi, so good too! Weird..

Just woke up from a pool side nap!

First time in the pool, happy girl!

Just had another nap, pool side!

Having more fun!

Me and Dave sitting by the pool while Ella sleeps!

Oh so warm, I miss that!

I got a henna tattoo on my foot, pritty!

Photo shoot in the room!

Another bottle!

The family photo

See Ella's first two teeth!

Coming home!

Ella slept in between us for 2 hours,on the way home!

Well we made it there and back in one piece! We hopped on the plane and headed out on our 6 hour flight to Mexico. The flight there was awesome, we sat at the very front of the plane and they hooked up a bassinet on the wall infront of us. Ella could sit upright and play with her toys. And when it was time for her to sleep, I would feed her then place her infront of us and she slept for a good 2 hours. It was a HUGE lifesaver! Once we were there we got on our transfer bus and Ella was so tired she slept the whole time. Got to our room and went to bed!

Before we left on this adventure, we decide it will be a low key trip. Stay by the hotel, swim and eat lots! The hotel was Ok, but had everything we needed to be comfortable. We were worried about the water down there so we brought our own little kettle to boil the water (just to be safe). It worked out so great, best idea ever! We did go out once, to meet up with my Auntie Mar and her girlfriend Ko. They were on their second week of holidays in Cancun. We travelled by their local bus system, and had a great lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was so nice to chat and hear about their time spent in Mexico. But the rest of our days were eatting, drinking (a little) swimming and sleeping. And of course having some quality time with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. David I couldn't of done it without you. You really are a great dad to Ella and a very helpful husband to me. Sorry guys, like of cheesy!

So the question is........????????? Would we do it again.........in a HEART BEAT! I would recommend it to everybody, save your penny's and travel with your kids. It was hard and stressful at times. But so worth it for all the great memories we made. Looking forward to getting Ella another stamp in her passport!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready to go....

Well I finally finished packing for our trip to Mexico. I believe I've been packing for about 2 weeks know, taking things out and putting them back in! It's hard figuring out what to bring and how many diapers to pack etc. Our flight is tomorrow at 12:30 pm, and we get into Cancun around 8 pm Mexico time. It will be Ellas first plane ride and first stamp on her new passport. I'm excited to show her another part of the world, even though she won't remember it! Ellas always been a baby that enjoys new thing and different surroundings. She loves looking at people, so I'm sure she'll get us some extra peanuts from the stewardess...hee! Once were there we plan to relax, swim in the pools and eat at the restaurants. My Aunte Marilee and her girlfriend Ko are there already for 2 weeks, so we plan to meet up with them and have lunch. It's a great time of year to get out of Vancouver, and get into the sun again!

~*See you when we get back*~


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"There's a ~*BUG*~ in the house"

First time parents and our little lady bug!

Ella Excited to see Abby...the pumpkin fairy!

Peek a Boo...

Ella holding her bag, all by herself!

Downtown Ladner....pumpkin fun!

"There's a bug in the house"

Daddy and Ella getting ready...
Well.... we had so much fun with Halloween this year as you all can see. I have always had a love for this holiday and know I have a really reason to dress up and be silly. Ella decided she wanted to be a Lady Bug for her first halloween, and so she did !. I had this idea in my head that I would make her costume because my mom always made the best costumes for us. So I searched high and low for the best of the best, and I think it all came together really well. Ella thought she looked funny in the mirror and didn't like wearing the hat! Her mom even made her go to the neighbours, Grandma & Grandpa's and Great Anutie Janies for candy. She held her shiney silver candy bag all by herself and wouldn't let go (Mommy tought you good). She wouldn't let anybody take her candy away. Not like her uncle Nick had those hooligans rip him off one year! Remember that Uncle.....Dave and I had costumes too! We were "First time parents"....hee! All pale with dark bags under our eyes. But it's really not that bad,or is it some times! Well another Halloween done "WHAT WILL WE BE NEXT YEAR"???xOxOx