Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4 days in Tofino

We finally got the chance thanks to Grandma and Nanna for taking care of Ella bean to go to Tofino. Dave and I had such a wonderful time and the weather was fantastic! I'm glad we didn't get the stormy weather people talk about.We couldn't of done most of the thinks that we did do if it was raining. We both have never been before and we made it our last time going away trip before the new baby arrives. Tofino is a very special place, it's like a sprinkle of heaven! We had some friends stay at the Break beach lodge" and recommend it to us. And I would do the same for everybody I know. It was in the high price range but TOTALLY worth it. Long walks on the beach, beach combing (so many great treasures) biking, hiking and hot tubing. We even took a short boat ride to Mears Island to see the 1000 year old tree's, they were amazing! Once back to the Island we got a coffee and tea for me and walking round the small but very cute town of Tofino. Best trip in a long time! Here are some of the pictures we took on the 4 day Jo and Dave weekend,enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Torch in Ladner

Ella getting her chance to hold the torch
Dave holding the torch Run torch man run!

Ella and Alex with their apples...yum!

Ella ,Dave ,Ryan and Alex all walked over to the Municipal hall and watched the torch run by. The kids got free apples and enjoyed all of the excitement. Dave and Ella even got asked if they would like to have a picture with the torch...So cool. It will be something that will be very memorable for the two of them. Sadly I had to miss it all for a day at work, but I'm glad Ella and Dave got to experience it all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

19 weeks pregnant

The side profile and spin
Looking right at you,2 eyes, nose and mouth

They said the baby was very active and looks healthy.

Getting bigger, way bigger than last time!

Well so far I've been feeling pretty good about being pregnant the second time around. I had a little bit of sickness at the beginning but all over know. I do have some lower back nerve problems and my belly button has been sore. I really can believe I'm only 18 weeks and my Belly button has almost popped. That's never happened last time either(really hope this baby is not a 10 pounder)! The baby is moving around like crazy and feels very low. Ella has loved hugging and blows raspberry's on my belly. She thinks it's funny :) We have so much to do before the baby arrives. Like moving Dave's office out of the baby to be's room, and get Ella in a big girl bed. The office is going to be made into the back yard shed, which I think will be much nicer. He'll be able to open his door and get some fresh air and some sunshine in the summer time. And the kids and I can nap with no phones ringing. But I can't seem to be able to start nesting until all is done and I have my baby's room. So looking forward to all the new changes and a great summer with 2 kids and a great husband to spend it with.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little something from my sweetheart for V-day

Picture of the three of us in the local paper.
This is something that I got to come home to after work on Saturday. A nicely written article about how Dave and I met. It put tears to my eyes and was a very nice surprise. On V-day the article could be picked from a draw , dinner for 2 at the Primerose is the prize. Hope we win!

Love blooms in kitchen at Reo's

(David Prak, Special to The Delta OptimistPublished: Saturday, February 06, 2010)

Pizza. Pasta. Seafood.
Not exactly the ingredients that make up your typical love story, but when you are a cook at a local restaurant, you have to work with you've got.
Mix that with hard work and long hours, and you end up with a cook falling head over heels for a beautiful, spunky waitress. They do say that the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach...This is how Jolene and I met. Our relationship developed over the years we worked together at Reo's, and when it was finally time to leave the restaurant, the foundation for our life together was already set.Over the years I have come to realize it's not the story of the meeting itself, but the story of what it has become: a love that is reflected in our daughter's eyes and, in Jolene's rosy cheeks, the glow of the baby still to come.
Happy Valentine's Day, Jolene.

Monday, February 1, 2010

On Sunday you can do alot!

relaxing in the livingroom.


Ella loved the puppy,sally!

Her gift from Mar and Ko ,she loves it!

Lucas and Amber,so cute
Sorry about the upside down Grandma ,April and Hudson

Ella and Abby being silly

Dave and Kimm the travel agents of the family

The tree's in Ladner are huge and beautiful

One of the very long roads I walked


I passed feilds and fields of blueberry,yummy!

More fields

I love these colors

More beautiful tree's

Ella and her sponge

More water

Cleaning her wagon in the sunshine

Helping mommy!

Fondue dinner with the Prak's,yum

some of the food you can cook. I even had Deer meat, it surprised me ...not to bad

Ella and Pappa being silly together

Kids play time

Yesterday was a great day. I had planned for some of the Besth family to come over for a brunch and a visit to our house. Some of them haven't had the chance to see the new place yet. It was a great visit and hoping to do it again soon.

In the afternoon I put Ella down for a nap, and Dave mentioned that I should go for a walk while she's out for the count. It's the little perks that we get for having Dave working from home. The sun was shining and I headed out for a walk that became a very long walk. I so enjoyed the time to myself I just kept walking. I went through all the farm lands that circles our house. I had my Ipod and my camera and had a wonderful hour and a half walk. "It's was great!"By the time I got home and sat down with a huge glass of water Ella woke up. Lucky me, it worked out. Once she was up Ella helped me wash the car and her wagon .Ella got completely soaked from dipping the sponge in the bucket,she thought it was great!. We both have nice clean vehicles know!

In the evening we heading to Dave's sisters house for a Fondue dinner with the Prak's. We try to fondue every few months and it was delicious. It's a lot of work to put together since there's a lot of chopping,dips and oil involved, but so worth it. yum yum!