Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Friday, March 20, 2009


~~ I'm still bringing Ella front upstairs to downstairs...in a bucket or laundry basket. She thinks it's so funny!She much like me ,the silly things are so funny!~~xo

Monday, March 16, 2009

~~ Baby's coming soon~~

Sorry Ella, it's makes me giggle!
Ella, you don't always look funny!
~ Ella trying to find something to get her hands in~
~ Instead she got a snack to throw around~
~ I just love these heart tights~
~ Ella sitting in the pile of wrapping paper from the shower~
~ My creation "Diapers & pins, Now the fun begins"~
~ Erica, looking ready to pop(Due May 9th)~
~The lady's, the men were taking the photo's(Bruce, Derek and Dave)~
~ Smelly day,so funny~
~ Sean on his first birthday~

Dave and I put on a baby shower for our good friends Erica and Derek yesterday. Erica's parents were visiting from Prince George ,so we though we should do a little something to celebrate the soon to be baby. It there's first time becoming grandparents, and everybody is really exited. I've done a few baby showers in my time, and I have always wanted to play the game"Guess the melted chocolate in the diaper". It's when you melt 4 or 5 chocolate bars and place them in diapers. Then you number them and you have to guess what bar in melted. It's priceless watching everybody stick their noses in the diapers. Gross...but so funny! And everybody seems to appreciate the silly game. Thank you everybody for coming, it was a fun day!

Ella and I went to our first, first birthday party. The first of many ....I'm sure. We have been friends with Sean and him mom Maria, since the first swimming lessons. I can't believe I'm going to have a one year old in my house come April 8th. Time does fly by so fast!

I also start work on Friday, I'm only going back part time which will be nice. So life is changing again and with another schedule to be prepared for. Hope it all goes well!

So have a wonderful St, Patricks Day everybody. Don't forget to wear your green's!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweep, clean...sweep..clean!

I'm starting to realize I'm obsessed with keeping my floors clean. I seem to sweep and wipe.....sweep and wash everyday. Ever since Ella started to crawl and throws lots of food on the floors, I can't go to bed with out washing them! I even stayed up a little later lasts night because the floors seemed so dirty "but I just cleaned them"! I think I'm sick of washing the floors! But anything for my Puntin(Ella) and dori of course!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~ Family & Friend Updates ~

~~ Ella in her crib~~
~~ My handsome husband, David~~
~~ Just being a girl~~
~~ Bryanna and Mark are expecting their first baby in Sept....Congrats~~
~~ Ella is going to be one years old on April 8th, coming up!~~
~~Me and Dave at the "Brad Paisley" concert....so good!~~
~~ Almost walking~~
~~ Ella having a snack after a long nap~~
~~ Not much longer for the new Hurley to arrive. We had a really nice photo shoot at my place,to show off her beautiful belly. They are due May 9th, and I can't wait!~~
~~ Uncle Lucas, being the great uncle that he is. What a hand full~~
~~ Ella does Daddy let you do that on Fridays, when I'm at work~~
~~ Abby showing Ella how things are done~~
~~This is my backyard, I got to wake up to a beautiful rainbow. It put a BIG smile on my face~~
~~ I think these tree's in the park behind our house are beautiful. But in the summer they block my nice warm sun...then I hate them again~~
OX~~ My two amazing people in my life...Ella and David~~XO
~~ Ella and her cousin Nick, they both will be turning #1 in April~~
~~ Ella having a warm bottle after a nap.While I was dancing around her with some music. The things you do to make your baby giggle~~
~~Ella on one of our walks~~
~~Ella checking out my playlist....She loves"Adele"....So relaxing!~~