Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interested in a townhouse, selling time

Ella in Lions park, connected to our backyard.
Green green and More green
Master bedroom
Huge Loft (3rd level)

Bright Kitchen( great evening golden sunshine)

Back yard( patio just painted for the summer)
More patio(backyard)

Hey Everybody, Well the time has come and were selling our beautiful townhouse.We love it to pieces but we got a great opportunity to invest in a Duplex. Were excited and happy and nervous and all of the above. It's hard to let go of a place you have so many memories in. But it's truly time to start making new memories in a new place. So were just putting it out there to see if anybody is interested and would like to come see the place. If so please don't hesitate to send me a line. If you need more photo's and details, I got them all:)
Thanks David, Jolene & Ella

Brand New Listing! 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Ladner Townhouse LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, right in the heart of Ladner. 3 Minute walk to all the shops. Unit is 3 floors, and the entire top floor is a Huge Loft. Backyard is beautiful, and backs right onto Ladner Lions Park. Great Complex with young kids, and complex is in great shape. Self Managed, and only 14 units total in Parkside Estates. Call if interested to come see it. David 604-952-6040 4841 Central Avenue

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ella got Baptised

Ella's big day
Grandparents and us..
The godparents Derek and Erica Hurley:)
Proud Momma and Dad...
It's ok Ella...Just a little bath:)
All the Great Grandparents, front row and center:)

June 21/09, Father's Day and the first day of summer.....made for a great day for a baptism. Ella did really well, even when the pastor asked to hold her she shook her head "NO" .But once I gave him her blanket ,she was all arms out for a walk around the church. I just wanted to say thank you to my family and friends for all the support....it was a good day:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3 years and counting.....

The newlyweds
We did it....
White really stands out...
Something was funny, I think Lindsay was saying something English...hee!
I loved my dress, so fluffy

Happy bride
kiss kiss...
What's so funny guys?
I want you.....

Don't jump! It's going to be the best day of your life....
Good times
3 years yesterday Dave and I got married! 3 years doesn't seem that long,when your grandparents just had their 66th, yup!...you heard me! I the last years we've traveled all over, bought our first house and had our beautiful babe Ella. I can't image my life any better:) I couldn't pick just one picture from our wedding day, so there's a few more:)
Any reason to bring those out again, eh!
Happy Anniversary David
Always Poochie

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping with a 1 year old...

The campers...
Ella helping Dad with putting up the tent...good job babe's!
Ella found the way to get up on the chair all by herself
One of my favorite pictures, trying to find each other
Look fire...HOT,Ella hot....lots of explaining
The BEST part of the whole trip
My little angel, with the early morning sun
Ella the Explorer
Alex, Ryan and Ella
The two kids played really well together...some sharing was going no to.
Dads and the kids in the pool
Macin, two thumbs up on the camping fun
The Lady's of the weekend Nicole, Jolene, Ella, Lindsay, Adriana and Erica
The boys of the weekend Dave, Ryan, Alex, Derek, Seana dn Macin

Happy little girl
Mom loving the sun ,Ella all covered up!
Ella's bath time
The evening chats
The Hurley Family
The Praks
The North's

Well, Ella had her first real camping experience over the weekend. It was kind of a trial run for both the Prak and North family. Since both kids have never slept in a tent before. And both family's have big camping trips coming up for mid summer. We really needed an idea on how it will all go down. Ella and Alex did great! The only thing that was tough,was that it gets really light outside around 5AM, and they both would want up. So when the time came that Ella was staring at us with a HUGE smile. We brought her to bed and to our surprise she fell back asleep. It was so nice to have her sleeping beside us. I just wanted to keep my own eyes open to watch her angel face. The whole idea of camping with my OWN family was kind of surreal for me. Dave and I have been long time campers thanks to our parents. And it felt really great to have her there with us ,spending time around the fire and getting dirty. Mostly just watching her actually enjoy being in the outdoors....I would do it again in a heart beat:)

Monday, June 8, 2009


This picture was taken at Great Goodwins house. All I can say is "WOW".......

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

JUNE is here....and so is the SUNSHINE!

My Naughty or nice boostiae cake for a bachelorette party for my sista in law
Friends BBQ at harbour park

We brought out Ella's pool for those hot days, but the next day it was deflatted and not sure why. The neighbor came by the next day and said there was a raccoon playing in the water at night. It must of felt really good for the raccoon. So new pool is on it's way:)

New tootoo we found at the thrift store....score!

She loves her finger puppets...and it always rolling on the floor.

Squishy face

big huges

Tie dye cake I made for Laurie's birthday...happy birthday mom/nanna

Laurie is always cold when we go camping. So this year we found her a camping chair that has a heated pad for your back....score again!

"Don't worry be Hippie cake"

My tulips that Bryanna's Mark gave me, they lasted for ever.

My sneak peek at my garden

Our game with the strainer...we wip her round on the floors while she sits in it.

Ella " are you ready"??

There's two ways of putting sand in a bucket...Ella's way and sweet Abby's way. This picture pritty much sums them up...love you babe's:)

Well we've been very busy being outside having fun in the sun. Ella has been doing everything lately.To swimming at Watermania, walking with Dad in Steveston, BBQ with family and friends, ladner water park, and all those baseball games with Mom and Dad. But were most looking forward to is....CAMPING! We have planned the annual camping with David's family in August at Lake goodwin for 4 days. Also, a few weekends away with just the three of us. But I have to say "I'm a little bit nervous this year"....Why?? Ella will be sleeping in our tent all season long, and I am "scared". So we plan to go camping next week at Hazelmere camping ground in White rock. It's close enough to home that we can spilt if we have to...but were going to give it a real good try.I already feel bad for the people around us already.(wish us luck) .

Work for me has been getting really busy with Grads Updo's and it's the season for Wedding bell's....so it's lots of fun!....Most people think there stressful but not me.It really gives me a chance to be creative! I love this time of year because everybody that comes to the shop whats change. Spring brings change to people and their always willing to try new things. I would like to encourage everybody to go try something different, you may surprise yourself. I'm only working 3 days and so far it's looking like it will work out just fine. I'm enjoying it and I feel very luck to be more at home.

I won't be able to post as many updates as the winter aloud me to do. But I will try my best to give a little something to you when I can. I wish everybody a great summer and don't forget your sunscreen!....:)

Jolene & Ella XOxo