Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Thursday, July 30, 2009

summer pictures of everything!

My roses from this year..
I'll miss my clematis ,so much...but I got plans
Family photo

One color of the storm form N.Vancouver's view

Oh, another color.Was awesome to watch..
Dave's 30th birthday bash

Oktoberfest 2009

drinky drinky
The gang that dressed up
VERY HOT day at the ball park
Westham island blue berry picking, actually only buying ...to hot to pick

My crazy girl

My sweet girl

My garden baby
Lindsay and Mae mae at the park

Nick and his balls....I mean potato's

One empty room, whole house to go.

The beginning boxes starting to pile up slowly

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my horoscope...wierd!

Shifting priorities turn your routine upside down.(YES....yes it has)
The change brings creative inspiration.( Yes, I feeling it,yes!)
Rest assured, you will finish a work project,( I WILL,yes!)
though perhaps not as quickly as your boss
(Dave) would like.(hee...but it will get done)
heeee....thought that was funny
thank you"Chatelaine of the week"
xo JO

MOVING is this heat...what!

Well we sold our house and it only took 1 week. We have the inspector coming today and all will be finalized by Friday. We got the price we wanted and they got their date that they wanted. So....we have to be moved out by the 13th of August ,which gives us 15 more days. I've been packing my little heart out day and night, while Daves at the new house painting his brains out. Monday will be the half moving day, and hopefully we can feel a little bit more together(but I dought it). It's been pritty stressful and I have become a mental case( poor Dave). There's just not enough time in the day and will the Heat wave packing is a killer. And on top of all the lack of sleep ,poor Ella is waking up often b/c she's teething like crazy. She'll soon have 3 more teeth on the bottom, which makes it 11 teeth. She works very hard to get them all in at once:(...But overall, we're really happy the house is sold and it's probably better to just get it done with no gaps to rest. I'll have time to rest another day:) hee...

Oh, and I cut all my hair of last Tuesday. It was easy b/c my Salon was 30' that days inside...what! I believe I took off 10-12 inches altogether... and it feels great! Will post a picture soon.April it's ok, my hair will grow back one day:) love you.

Talk to you soon, will post pictures of the move and new house craziness soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Dinner's

Dinner on the patio
Abby took this picture, well done babes!
Ella and Mum
Ella having her first mini cone, yum yum!
Abby eatting her corn
Ella porking out on her corn, this girl eats everything:)!
Looks like Mums garden season has begun, veggie everyday...love it!
Ella and Cousin Nick, their getting so big!
Trisha's 28! Happy birthday Sista....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Crazy busy July

My cute little salon ,called work
Bride to be...trial day

Love it
Grad day,
it was fun

Ella thinking and eating a very messy peach
Just peachy..
My resent painting, for the new house...inspiration was the new pillows.
Pier One baby...love them

Ella picking out the new paint for the walls

Ella in her own little world, gathering items from around the house and sitting on "Hotels" the board game...it was fun to watch her!
Ella playing dress up with Daddy's shirt

The house is up for sale and it's getting a lot of interest lately. It's only been up for sale since last Thursday and we've had 9 people come through for a look. We had one offer and it sucked bad, and nothing came of it. I guess they had a set limit and that was it. Was a nice family to. But we carry on and go forward with some Open houses for the next 2 Sundays coming up. We have a lady coming on Monday to see the place ,so more cleaning....cleaning ,oh did I mention cleaning;)

We've been to the Duplex more than enough to know we really love it and can't wait to get settled in. Hopefully by the summer so we can use the beautiful patio. Ella and I have picked out the paint colors and we can go in anytime to start the clean up and painting.Start making it our own!

Works been busy with lots of Updo's for weddings and grad gals. I have posted some of my favorites so far this summer.

Ella's doing really good. She's starting to talk a lot more,well, kind of. It all just sounds different, like she already knows what she's talking about. But she can say "Thank you", that's a new one. That's a good one!;) She seems to be getting into more trouble and not wanting to listen to nobody. I'm sure of it, that she in her terrible two already. She's always getting hurt, bumps and bruises by jumping and running around the house. She figured out how to get on the couches and she only wants to stand on them and jump...hee! I do love her, but she's crazy sometimes...giggle Lol. What can you do, she's her own person and loves life to the fullest. Ella's the sweetest thing ever, and I hope she likes her new home.

Over all, we're busy trying to get things organized and ready for a new challenge. Enjoy summer everybody, talk to you soon