Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby, Snow, Hair, Fat Cats and more......

My sweet smiling Noah with no teeth, but if you look really close there's one on it's way!
Mama sneaking a kiss...again!
This is how long Ella's hair in when it's all wet.She has had 3 hair cuts in her entire life.I love cutting hair but not Ella's, I just love it long.

This is my good friend T and she lets me do anything I want. So today she got a Mohawk and a STAR! Anyone out there for a really....change????
My dear fat cat named Dori.Look how small her head looks. I swear we only feed her once a day!
This is the Fed Ex man that comes to my neighborhood often. He got stuck that day and sat there for 4 hours. I went out and filled his coffee cup with hot chocolate to keep him warm....poor guy!
Ella excited to see the tall Christmas tree going up.
Ella and Dave finishing it off with the Star on top. My theme for my tree this year is Pink and white....for the girls in the house of course.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finger licking good date night

Well last night was fun. We had a double date with Bradley and Sarah to a Ethiopian Restaurant called "Harambe" in Vancouver on Commercial and 5th. You use no utensils just your fingers and hope for the best ;)I was always hoping to try it agian and it was awesome. Dave and I first had this adventurous food when we visited Amsterdam. We pigged out at dinner and still had room for some Marble slab icecream. I had the " birthday cake icecream with cookie dough, oreo's and lots of fudge.I just couldn't resist! Need to go for a run after date nights :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall moments at home

As you can see Ella is not impressed that Noah is pulling at her hair ;)
My wonderful family,love you guys!

Ella reading her book,trying to find Goldberg
Ella is starting to become a photographer,she loves taking pictures and she's good at it to.
My little Noah 4 months old
Noah waking up his sister from a nap
Ella's new way to watch her show's...cozy!