Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ella's Easter birthday

Ella waiting for the party to start
Pritty dress

Easter birthday hunt

All the kids with their egg's

Family photo..kisses

Fun days!

Ella reading up on whats happening to mommy :)
Mommy's little helper :)Ella can you look up 29 weeks

Finger painting turned into face painting
Was so much fun!

And very messy

But we didn't care :)

Ella's master piece

Ella watching Finding Nemo with baby and mom :)

Ella wishing Grandma a good show with her United Entertainer's

Dave and I became "Godparents" to Sweet Adriana.
Our God child :) We love you!

Well life has been very busy! And we haven't had the baby yet. I've been feeling really good "Lately" but not sure when that will change again to being sleepy and tired. I'm know 29 weeks in and my last doctor's appointment was all good. I have told my Doc to that I really want the whole experience this time. Dave cutting the cord and the baby placed on me right away. I really feel like I missed out on a lot of Ella's birth. But I asked him to make it painless and quick too :)
Since I last wrote Ella has become a 2 year old on April 8th at around 4:02pm. And she is already starting to change with a little bit more attitude and lots of NO's. But it's a stage I will learn to love but hope it doesn't stick around. She has grown a whole inch in a month and is growing up so fast. Lately she enjoys helping mom with the garden and we've been doing a lot of mommy and me time. Since this is the last few months that she will be an only child. Ella's going to be a great big sister and we can't wait. She knows that this bay is also Ella's baby,and that it's going to be a "Sister"(So she thinks)...hee I would love another girl but a boy too would be great.