Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All worked up....

We're at the point where Ella has decided to scream and cry and call out"MOMMY"..... for bedtime. She can get so worked up I have to really stay close because she'll get so upset she'll puke. I just wait till she gets tired enough to either fall asleep or tired enough that I can go back in and she'll fall asleep on me. How do I make bedtime easier and not so crazy. She knows how to push my buttons and knows what to do to get" Mommy's" attention. Any ideas ????

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FALL ,I love this time of year

say "cheese"

Open wide.
yogurt smile

look at all those pumpkins
Ella at the patch
This is the one she picked herself
Ella on my leg again....she still needs me!

At the bird santuary, it was REALLY cold

See the fish????weird!

Ella looking out
A duck nibbled on her fingers, she didn't like that much!
The one thanksgiving we made it to

Nice turkey

Ellas new winter jacket

Book time

Well we've been slowly moving into Fall and doing more fall things. I have had the enjoyment of getting into my garden and finding a whole bed of soil FULL of old bulbs. It was a totally score on the tulip trip that I had that day, and I don't know what there are. I probably have over 100 bulbs in my front bed of the house. It makes me so excited to think that come Spring time I will have the most beautiful front display of flowers. Hee, I'm so much like me mama. xoXO. Ella has been a total joy helping her mum in the garden and picking all the weeds out. Finding all the worms and digging a new hole for them to live in. We've been reading more books and we can read the whole book with her attention. Food is fun too, watching her feed herself. She'll open her mouth SO wide to get it all in on one bite. She can know say many new words like Puppy, truck, dirty, meow, kitty, Daddy and Mummy, Nanna , Pappa, Grandma and Grandpa, Abby(sorry no nick and april yet) .We think she put two words together a few days ago"Hi Daddy".If you ask her to say something it sounds so close. David and I agreed we'll stop the bottles after our Mexico trip and she's had no problems with the change. Ella is not a enfant anymore and Mommy is getting some withdrawls. She's growing to fast and seems to be more and more independent everyday. It's been a lot of fun days!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy birthday Sweet Abigail

wow how time fly's
We love you babes
xo Dave,Jojo and Ella xo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great Mazatlan Trip, bad home coming!

Daddy and Ella before our flight
I found it so funny that Ellas hair went soo straight on the plane,must be the air!

Ella and Daddy on the first morning
Ella so happy to see the pools
Pool time

Cool girl

What can I say the girl likes her shades

Big kisses for mommy


Waking up from a Mexicain siesta!
Our hotel!

The beach,look at those waves


Ellas favorite slide

The pool view from our room

Mom and Ella

Ella telling mommy to go get it!!!

The thing I'm suppose to go get, she dropped her Noah man 7 story's high, what could I do!!!Sorry baby

Ella and her towel bear. She thought it was so funny when the head fell off....it's still funny!
Swimming Swimmming

Ella resting!

Mom ,no more pictures

The beach band, that came out of no where

She loved it. And was dancing ont he beach

Mommy and Ella dancing to the music, was very special moment

Dinner time, yummy

Grease, show

The sunset

My little girl

David got eatten that day by a shark

Ella , trying to figure out that drink she'll have next!

Mexicain baby, Ella baby and Canadian Baby all together

Ella watching the plane come in so we can go home!

Watching her "In the night garden" she LOVES IT!!!!!!

Were home...The flight to Mexico was great, Ella had fun watching all the people go by and playing peekaboo with the people behind us. Once we got there the weather was 35'not including the humidity. It was hot! The hotel was great , our favorite food was the breakfast buffet and the rib at one of the restaurants,yummy!. Every time we sat to eat a meal the mexician workers laughed and played with Ella ,she's such a charmer. The beach had huge waves and the sand was nice and soft on the feet. But I did notice a little bit of garbage on the shore, pop cans and waste(not good). The pool's were the best, Ella had her own kids pool area. She was able to walk around in the water by herself and play with the other kids. There was a huge (big for her) water slide that she had no problem going down. She can be so brave some times, it surprised me! For her nap times we took turns sitting in the room reading our books ,while the other one was at pool side getting the tan. It worked out really well, but Ella only slept an hour or so a day for naps. The trip was very memorable and we had a ton of fun, but we both agreed that it was hard work chasing Ella around. I knew it was going to be different but it was to exhausting for us. Next year we'll stay closer to home:)

Once we came home everything for me went up side down. We got home Sunday night,went to bed and felt great waking up a home. I walked into town with Ella that morning, and by noon I had the worst pains in my stomach, by 4:30 I had enough and Dave drove me to the doctors. He said it was a bacteria you must of gotten on the last day you were there. Something I ate or touched perhaps??? He said go home and drink lots and it will get out on it's own. OK, went home and it got worse and worse, so I decided to get ready for bed. When I was in the washroom trying to get myself ready for the night, I thought I was going to get sick again, but I ended up collapsing on the floor. My hole body seized up completely, I couldn't move my hands and legs and my muscles were cramping up like you wouldn't believe .I knew then I needed help, Dave called 911 and I went to the hospital. When I got there,I still couldn't move my hands but could walk, and I had no idea what went so wrong. But the doctors took some tests and my blood came back great...No H1N1! But I was really dehydrated and I had low electrolytes. And that was the reason my body seized like it did. I never even knew that could happen with dehydration. I got filled up with liquids and I was sent home around 2am. Ella slept through it all, even with the cute fireman in the house and all the noise. Today was the first day I feel much better, just my muscles hurt from twitching and I'm still tired. It was a great family trip, but what an ending! I guess the moral of my story is you never think it's going to happen to you, even if your the mom that is always bring out the hand sanitizer. You just never know!. And I hope it never happens again!