Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day in the City

Waiting for the train
The giant tear drop

This Ella angle
The countdown

Ella chilling infront of the Musium

Ella and Mom

Gastown clock
Meeting Austin For the first time .My girlfriend Bryanna's first baby ...so happy for them....
Austin was 6lbs 13 oz . And was very close to being born at home or in the car drive to the hospital. But made it just in time...wooo. That was close ;)

We decided to park at the River rock Casino and go for a ride on the new train that take you all the way to the Waterfront. We have never taken Ella into Downtown Vancouver and had a nice day together. So, we became tourists and went to some of the land makers of the city. Had lunch at the famous White spot( famous b/c Dave loves Triple O's). And even saw the Gastown clock steam. It was nice to get Ella out of her own environment and into a different one to explore in.

It's amazing that we could do all that in just a half a day, when it would of taken us forever to get there and back. It only took us 20 Minute's to get on the train and back to our car in Richmond. It was so impressing and so happy we have it. Looking forward to the next trip!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August and Sept fun

At Grandma's Garden
My little carrot helper xoxo
Moms chilli's, amazing and Hot
Ella eatting all the tomato's.... she's a big helper for grandma
A dragonfly in the beans

Ella can fit in her babys stroller, what a teeny bum
Ella and mom getting ready for a walk into town and a visit to the Hub(kids play place in Ladner)
Ella watching Dave mow the lawn with his NEW lawn mower
He was soo happy with his new toy, but a few minutes later after this picture, the wheel fell off. Still waiting for the new one to come in....:) to :( xoxox
We have had lots of play dates with friends. This is Ella and Bella playing sleepy time in Ellas crib. So cute!
My sweet pea's I pick every week from my garden.

Our first BBQ with the Besth's at our new home

April and Nick and baby to be... due Dec 23rd. Can't wait ot be another Auntie Jo
Happy birthday to my best girl Lindsay. 30 years old and been friends for 7 of them

Lake Goodwin 3 years in a row

Yeah ummm, I can't seem to find my floor of the tent?
David, Gerry and cousin Erin Ella and Nana getting sleepy

Ella's in the middle of the boat on her first boat ride
Ella learned how to say" PUPPY" this weekend...so cute!

The castle queen

Sunshine all weekend
Dreaming of the water
Ella and daddy
some of the gang( Laurie, Great grandma goodwin, Carol and Great Gran Goodwin)

Ella and Mum
Water time, got to hot

The kids and Pappa

Uncle Dave ,the best driver ever!
On the boat, so much fun!

Who brought the blueberry on board?:)
Ella waking up from a nap in the tent. She sleeps soo good in the tent, all night long
Agian, you want to go on again............OK!

I truly can't believe it's September already. Since the move we've been so busy with getting organized and having fun to. We have been camping with the Praks/Goodwin family in Washington's "Lake Goodwin". Yup that's the real name and that's why we go there..hee! It's a beautiful Lake with amazing lake shore homes and the water in so crystal clear. Dave's uncle Dave was there with the boat again and we all got some great water skiing and tubing done. The kids loved the sandy beach and swimming in the water. Ella went on her first ever boat ride and she loved watching Nana water ski (what a cool Nana she is). The camp fires every night were so relazing after a hot day in the sun. The food of course was to die for as usual. And on the way home we did our Fall shopping (Kohl's, Target, Costco) I love shopping in the states, so much fun :) So here are some photos of the big camping weekend, enjoy!