Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loving Ella is easy!

Testing out our hiking gear, she fell asleep in it for a while
Ella making lots of noise
She's starting to suck her thumb again, for long peroids of time
More making noise!
My baby girl!
Well Ella's know eating cereal and I started her on squash with apples. It's all going to be homemade baby food for a while,simply because I got it all from my moms garden. The baby food recipe book I have is great. The squash with apples asked for water, little syrup and pinch of nutmag. She loves it!!!! Tomorrow she's going to try Carrots for the first time. I'm feeling that Ella's going to love everything I put in front of her to eat. That's if she's anything like me! hee......I love food.

She's been so much fun lately. With eating and all that talking, she's dying to have a conversation with you. She gets really high in her jolly jumper and enjoys wrestling on the bed with mommy. I allow her to watch one show on tv called "Super Why" at 9am on channel 3. It allows me to get ready for the day. While she snuggles in our bed with her blanket and giggles and laughs at the characters. The show is about solving problems and finding the answers in a book. It's kind of a catchy opening to it , so I have the song in my head all day! She loves it when I dance like a goof in the kitchen and sing songs with my bad voice and no tune to it. Ever since she started giggling ,I try sooo....... hard to make her smile and laugh. I'm sure if you ever walked in on us together being silly, you would wonder!!! hee... I would do anything for her....anything!

Ella is starting to be just as silly as her mom! She will toot/fart and think she's so funny! I could make a face when I have to change her poophie diaper and it's like she knows it's funny that mommy has to change and not her. I love her so much and I'm thankful she's a part of me and Dave. She's a really special little girl! tear....

Mommy loves you Ella! Keep being as silly as you can.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was catching some rays in my backyard yesterday and I looked down and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was the biggest green worm thing I have ever seen.I had NO idea there are things like this in my own backyard. It scared the crap out of me(not a bug person ,at all). Then I started picturing Ella a little older,crawling around. And putting this things in her month or even just picking it up and squishing it in her hands. Yuck!!! I'm sure this has actually happened to somebody's kids before.I showed the pictures to my Mom the garden expert and she said it's either going to turn into a beautiful butterfly or a moth(and very big one I guess). Has anybody else seen such a thing in their yard before?????

First Times Together....

singing songs together!"the wheels of the bus go...."
Saying hello to her cousin
Last week ,Ella had her first "H2O Bouncers" swimming lessons. She was top of her class!. She was so relaxed that day in the water. Her eyes were almost closed when she was swimming on her back. When I first heard about the class, I called Trisha (sister in law) to see if she would be interested in it as well for Nicholas. Nicholas is Ella's 2 week old younger cousin, they share lots of laughs and giggles together. And the occasional kick in the face or pull of the hair. It's great watching them together, and having swimming lessons together is just another bonus to get to know each other even more. And for the mommy's to chat and hang out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sushi girl....

Ella was having a sushi craving that day! She managed to eat everything on her plate, thats my girl!xo

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pappa John

This is a tribute to Pappa John from Ella. Ella loves her pappa because he plans to put her through University(no really....no not really) and to get her a new ball. He is a great pappa and she feels lucky to have him.

****Silver Star****

I love my family!

Ella and Nick playing nice together!John and Dave hanging in the kitchen

grandma and her two baby's!

We just came back from out Prak family trip to Silver Star. We rented a whole house to celebrate John & Lauries birthdays and their 30th anniversary. The 3 level house had 5 bedrooms,4 baths it was beautiful. It had a large dining table for the whole family to eat together everyday. A hot tub outside on the back deck, and a large games room where we played Wii on the big screen tv(loved it). But the kitchen was the place were we gathered the most. One day the girls had an outing with a massage and sushi lunch and the boys having a day of golf. We traded days were the boys would take care of the baby's and then the girls. It was a good time for the whole family.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good bye August,hello September

Edna, Grandma, Dave & Ella

Watching Daddy wash cars!

Grandpa's and Great grandparents play time.

My happy girl!

Well the summer feels like it's almost finished, and were all starting to wear long sleeves and jeans again. We really have enjoyed every minute of it though. And we still have lots of things to do on the calendar. Here are some things we did in August.