Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bulbs,bulbs and more bulbs

All the green is bulbs....sprout sprout sprout.........")

I have so many bulbs coming up,I so excited. I'm so my mothers daughter with the gardening I love it just as much. The month we moved in I checked to see if there was anything going on in the front garden bed. And to my surprise there was a ton of old bulbs in there. I have no idea what they are but I added a lot more and I can wait. They are coming up so nicely so I hope we don't get a frosting anymore.

While Ella was sleeping today I got out and cleaned out the bed. I watched some birds bathing in a large puddle of rain.They were singing like they where in a Cinderella story. It was a day that felt like Spring and I'm so glad it's changing. Spring is truly the best time of year for me. Here is a picture of the front of my house where I got my hands dirty today.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great family morning

For sometime know Dave has been working Sundays. We don't really get any full days together useless we get work off. But this morning was a great start to out Sunday. We woke up early and drove ourselves to the IHop in Richmond, which Mama was craving to have there all you can eat pancakes...yummy! We drove home with our full belly's and got all our warm clothes on for a long walk. We went though all the farm lands near our house,it took us over an hour. The weather held up for us and even had some sun shine. About half way Dave got crapped on by a bird, what a lucky guy. So for the rest of the way Ella kept reminding Dave that he had "Poop hies". So funny! We got home had a apple and cheese snack and Dave went to work and Ella went to bed and I'm able to get somethings done. It was a nice morning.
xo J

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ella after all the party's

love you babe

Christmas Eve and Day

Kimm's for Besth dinner
Auntie Randy ,mom and Ella and Mar

soem of the huge family there was 28 if us there and some missing,was fun!

My snuggie ...and yes I use it every night to get warm. Thanks pappa

The cousin's...Nick, Ryan and Ella

Prak family dinner

The tree

Christmas morning 2009

The mess

Ella opening her 120 pieces of plastic food for her kitchen..loved it!

Ella's stocking

Ella always asks to hold her new cousin Hudson. big kisses too xo

The girls getting right into it....Ella's favorite words this month was "ME"...and "MORE"
Fun !

The Besth house hold doing another appy dinner (no turkey for us) love it!

friends Christmas party 2009

It wasn't me! "Adriana"...I wonder who it was?

Squishy ...but fun!
The table
The kids had craft time making bells for their X-mas tree's
The smallest additions to the party Hudson and Austin (sorry for the sideways photo)
The annual friends dinner party. The house is smaller and the families are getting bigger. It was squishy but tons of fun. Looking forward to next years :) Love you all
xo Praks

Family New Years Eve

Dave ,Ella, Macin and Sean (lindsay was there to)

Erica ,Adrianna ,Derek ,Nicole, Ryan and Alex

Macin being silly
Ella being silly

New years was really one of the best ones yet. We had 3 other families and their kids come with us to the Train in Stanley Park. The kids had a really great time, Ella was over the moon with all the lights. After that we decided to go to White spot for dinner, the service was not great and we sat there for a long time. But the kids never complained and they were happy happy happy. We ended up at a friends house and all 4 kids went right to bed in all three bedrooms. It was amazing how well the kids did and they make it sooo enjoyable and relaxing. Best family new years ever!