Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Monday, May 17, 2010

Erin and Gary's wedding

Mc's for the night!

The bride and father
Look who caught the brides flowers..you go girl!

The beautiful dining area

The cartoonist,so much fun!

The wedding ceremony

Trisha ,me and Sarah


Me talking to the babysitter

Dave and I were the MC's for the night and it was so much fun. We had tables hoola hoop for who goes up for the dinner first. They had a cartoonist,awesome! And the venue was really unique and beautiful. First wedding done 3 to go. I love wedding's!

Belly and Ella photo shoot

A big thank you to my mother in law for the belly photo shoot today. Ella and I had so much fun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

31weeks and growing

Ella loves to read up on the baby
Seeing what's she's getting into :)

Ella and Mommy sticking own belly's out at 31 weeks
BOY OR GIRL????the needle and thread said BOY, it was right last time with GIRL :)
Hello everybody,
I haven't had much time and energy to blog lately. Life has been so...busy with work and home life, I wonder when I will get the chance to relax before I have this baby.This time around has been so different I only work part time and work has been killing me,it's so busy and short staffed.I'm really not to sure how I'm getting through it all. But I only have 6 more weeks of work and 8 weeks to my due date. Time is almost running out. We still have lots to do with the new office in the shed and the baby's room. David promises that it's all going to be done by the end of May. Once the office it done I will finally have a baby's room. So looking forward to it all. I have made new drapes for the window and I'm so happy how they turned out:)

I have posted some new pictures of the big belly ,and I just realized how much I have grown by looking at the last picture at 25 weeks. crazy! Will hope to post more beofre the baby is here.

all my love to all my viewers