Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hungry anyone?

My husband David is a very creative guy when it comes to delicious food. Artistic Chef is his In-Home Catering company that he started a few years ago. He does Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and other special occasions. If you or anybody you know are looking for a Caterer, please contact David at 604.952.6040 or by email Chronoplous@hotmail.com.

Here are some comments from people that have used Artistic Chef in the past....

"The tortellini was excellent. Not a lot left as some of the ladies even went back for second helpings. Thank you once again....I don't entertain too often,but we'll definitely do this again sometime" ~Carol~

"You were a treat to work with and gracious to everyone at the event. Thank you so much for everything. Everything was hot and yummy.Tons of compliments to the Chef" ~Ruth-Anne~

"Thank you so much for the delicious supper on Saturday!. You made it possable for folks from the church to just come and enjoy"~Jen~

Winter Wonderland

My boots all covered in snow....
My back yard ,so beautiful....you can see me in the christmas ball taking the picture!hee..
Early morning look at Lions park and my back yard .
David and Ella back from a walk.
Ella's rosie cheeks!
Daddy and Ella being silly in the snow!
Lots of shoveling!
Dori letting Ella pet her, so sweet and very rare!
David being silly for Ella!
Ella all snuggly and warm on our walk.

Dave and I decided to go for a walk in the snow last night. I put Ella in my coat with me, she was snug as a bug! We were feeling the Christmas spirit so we started to sing Ella Christmas songs while we walked. It was a really nice family walk!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

****MINE*****MINE *****NOT MINE!

Chapter 1....

Well I was sitting here on the computer and I saw a truck backing into our complex. I thought I was dreaming because it was a " SLEEP COUNTRY" truck. It was getting closer, I then started to have visions of this king bed with gorgous pillows that covered the whole top of the bed. My head laying down ,oh ...it was so soft! I would dream of clouds and butterfly's dancing around my head. A sunset beaming into my room and covering my king bed with a beautiful glow......Aaa..... then I looked out the window, the men climbing out of their seats and walking to the back of the trunk to retreave this massive bed......right into my nieghbours house! Ouch......it stings a little just talking about it! THE END

Chapter 2....

David and I have know agreed that this time next year were going to walk into the Brick boxing day sale and get us our first ever NEW BED SET.... We have one year to save, save, save.....Next year it will be the other neighbours looking at us and OUR moving men. It will be a great day!!!!

December fun!

Ella's NEW baby gate...thank goodness...I was having bad dreams about Ella about to fall down the stairs.Then I would wake up and pull David's bankets(Like I was pulling her back).Scary!!!
Ell reading " The night before Christmas"...she's so smart!

Antie Lindsay and Ella having fun!

Derek, David (Ella) and Bradley at the Hurley open house....was a fun night!
Macin and Ella....so sweet! Maybe future boyfriend and girlfriend. And then get married, Lindsay we would be somewhat related,hee!
Ella using cousin Abby's car to practice her standing and pulling herself up
Look what I got in my stocking....a BABY!!! hee...
Cheecky Monkey......I just love her grin!
I can't get over how much Ella has grown, she motors everywhere know!
Ella gets into everything these days!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I can't believe it!

Well I had to show you guys this picture because it made me laugh out loud when I saw what Dave was trying to do. Ella the cleaning machine at an early age of 8 months. I love her face it's like she just got caught doing Daddy's job....so cute!

Swimming friends....

Sean, JD and Alaina...and Ella too!

Well Ella finished her first ever swimming lesson's. Her report card said she was a really good kicker and a very happy girl in the water. On Wednesday I had some of the mom's that could make it, come over for lunch after the last class. I have always wanted to get together with other local mom's and have the baby's play while we chat about more baby stuff. We had so much fun we talked till 12:30 to almost about 4pm. It was a good time and there will be more because we start again January 7th.

Big girl know.....

This is the way I can see that Ella is growing. Each time I put her in the laundry basket to bring the clothes upstairs. She thinks it's really funny!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

8 Months Old.


Yesterday Ella turned 8 months old. To celebrate her big day she wanted to go swimming at the local pool. The funny thing is, she found a floating #8 in the water. So Ella held it the whole time and didn't want to let it go at the end. Very symbolic and weird too....
It was a great day!
We love you very much


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ella meeting Santa.....twice!

Ella and I went to Delta hospital to see Santa and watch my parents do their singing thang with the United Entertainer's! We met up with Nick, April and dancing Abby. Right before Ella was going to sit on poor old Santa's lap, she puked all over her and me. I quickly cleaned it up and off she goes. I'm sure he was wondering why this kid smells like puke, yummy! Actaully I think it was creamed corn baby food he got to smell. LOL!!!! It was a little bit of a gong show with so many kids. But it was Ella's first Christmas event ever. She enjoyed watching all the singing and hanging out with cousin Abby. They were so sweet together, Abby dancing to her own tune and Ella looking for anything she's not aloud to touch. It was fun and I'm looking forward to the next event.

Today, Ella and I finished the last of the Christmas shopping in Lansdowne mall and who knew Santa would be there too. So.... Ella got her picture taken with Santa again. This time she only whimpered a little bit ,then got distracted by slay bells ringing. She was so pritty in her dress she never wore before. I think I'm going to love Christmas this year, because I get to do all the kid stuff again, well kind of! hee...Xo

Sunday, November 30, 2008

*~The story about Wall*e and Eva~*

David and I watched the movie "Wall*e" tonight. It was so adorable and the robot Wall*e is so sweet to Eva. Everybody must go out and rent it. David I hope you'll always be my Wall*e and I hope to be your Eva always...hee!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ella Crawling for the first time

Crawling At 71/2 months!

Well Ella is know a crawler! She started about a week ago, so she's all over the place. I find her under tables, around the corner, and trying to catch our cat. Poor Dori (cat) doesn't quite understand that Ella can know touch her and go for her food. Maybe Dori will loose some weight know that she has to run away more. The minute she see's Dori in the room she goes for her....and fast! We have already had to change our livingroom around , so Ella has more room to crawl and less things for her to get into.

She only gets feed from me twice a day, so she'll soon be drinking from a bootle, full time. Kind of sad for me, but will be nice too. Ella also, loves to eat! She's starting to try new things again like chicken, turkey, strawberry's, avocado and her favorite rice cookie's. When Mom's not going fast enough for her to have her mouth full of food, she gets mad! So hurry up Mom!!!! I can tell when she's really tired, really hungry and really crancky too. She's growing up and changing everyday. The older Ella gets the more fun ,she's become. What next.......

Friday, November 21, 2008

29 Years....

Well I'm 29 years old today! Just shy of being in my thirty's. Thirsty seems to strike fear,dread and anxiety in most people, but not me. I have always said the teen years "your confused", your twenty's your trying to "figure things out". And the thirty's, you'll have a better grasp on things! I rather be turning 30 than 29, but I'll give 29 a chance. But so far I feel very lucky to be 29 , living in Canada, healthy and loving life! And what ever the thirty's bring, I'm sure my life will be looking pritty good.

"See you in one more year...#30"


Monday, November 17, 2008

Cancun Mexico 2008

Cancun 2008

Mexician restaurant

Hard Rock lunch, yummy!

Mommy and Ella

Blue sky's, everyday!


Beach baby!

Lounging after dinner

feet in the sand!

Big kisses!

Our pool!

Ella being cute!

Beach bum!

The Caribbean!

Hot day, got up to 30'!!

Ella's bassinet on the plane,and dinner!

Walk after dinner!

What a stud!

Ella eating sushi, so good too! Weird..

Just woke up from a pool side nap!

First time in the pool, happy girl!

Just had another nap, pool side!

Having more fun!

Me and Dave sitting by the pool while Ella sleeps!

Oh so warm, I miss that!

I got a henna tattoo on my foot, pritty!

Photo shoot in the room!

Another bottle!

The family photo

See Ella's first two teeth!

Coming home!

Ella slept in between us for 2 hours,on the way home!

Well we made it there and back in one piece! We hopped on the plane and headed out on our 6 hour flight to Mexico. The flight there was awesome, we sat at the very front of the plane and they hooked up a bassinet on the wall infront of us. Ella could sit upright and play with her toys. And when it was time for her to sleep, I would feed her then place her infront of us and she slept for a good 2 hours. It was a HUGE lifesaver! Once we were there we got on our transfer bus and Ella was so tired she slept the whole time. Got to our room and went to bed!

Before we left on this adventure, we decide it will be a low key trip. Stay by the hotel, swim and eat lots! The hotel was Ok, but had everything we needed to be comfortable. We were worried about the water down there so we brought our own little kettle to boil the water (just to be safe). It worked out so great, best idea ever! We did go out once, to meet up with my Auntie Mar and her girlfriend Ko. They were on their second week of holidays in Cancun. We travelled by their local bus system, and had a great lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was so nice to chat and hear about their time spent in Mexico. But the rest of our days were eatting, drinking (a little) swimming and sleeping. And of course having some quality time with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. David I couldn't of done it without you. You really are a great dad to Ella and a very helpful husband to me. Sorry guys, like of cheesy!

So the question is........????????? Would we do it again.........in a HEART BEAT! I would recommend it to everybody, save your penny's and travel with your kids. It was hard and stressful at times. But so worth it for all the great memories we made. Looking forward to getting Ella another stamp in her passport!