Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 days and 4 nights

Well Dave has been gone for 4 days and will be coming home very late tonight from California. I am exhausted! We 3 had a really great time but it's really not easy not having that extra person around.You tend to do things all so differently just to get things done.The house has been in a total disaster and cleaned everything today.
Ella's been a great help this whole time.Such a wonderful age to be able to say go read your books in your room ,while I put Noah to bed. "Ok,Mommy" Ella can make things very easy when it could be a very hard thing to do without her help. She had a mile stone as well, Ella is know going to the potty all by herself and changing her clothes all by herself. I believe I have heard her say" myself" all week.Well done baby! If only she would eat all by herself, needs some work on that.
It was so sweet and a little bit sad when Ella crys for her Daddy for every nap and bedtime;( But soo happy when Dave called and got to speak to him over the phone. "Ok daddy this"...."Love you Daddy that"...."See you later". So sweet! Glad you'll be home soon Dave,its not the same without you xo

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Abby

Wow! I can't believe how much you have grown Abby. Your a wonderful little girl and a great cousin to. We love you very much.
Happy 4th Birthday babe

Pumpkin Patch

Strong girl
Say cheese!

Just love it!
Noah and Ella
Daddy and Ella
Hudson and Noah with Grandma and Grandpa
Ella hanging off of Nicks leg!

BIG smiles for mom

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Ella stacking her books in her room

ella and uncle lucas

ella and abby

besth dinner table gets long every year:)

Ella playing in Nanna's and Pappa's backyard

Prak dinner


Nanna and grandkids

Janie and me

1,2,3,4 kids

family fun day at the Aquarium on Thanksgiving morning

4D show,awesome!

My sweetie pies


Kisses for my little man
Hugs too!
Playing around with the camera at home

Freddie is back

Here is Ella and David holding their own Freddie dolls that Auntie Jane had made for them. As you can see David's has gone through the wash a few more times than hers ;)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

All clean!

What is it...what is it mommy??
"Dirty one" with a big hug

Ella on her first day of "movers and shakers" Dancing with scarf's
Noah and Mommy dancing in the kitchen

My beautiful kids

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh the Dirty one!

My sweet Ella has a really hard time letting me clean her blanket of choice. So I've been trying to get her to put it into the wash herself so she can feel like she's doing something good for her blanket. Ironically, she calls her blanket "Dirty One". Why...you ask!. Because when we went camping one time I called her one blanket clean one that stays in the tent for sleep time. And another one of the same was called the dirty one that she can play with outside of the tent. So I believe "Dirty one" was more fun than clean one, so there for dirty one is her favorite of all the blankets she own's. I love her for this! So tonight it was sooo dirty it had to go into the wash and not into her bed with her. She got the strength to put it into the wash and not in her bed. It is know "fluffy dirty one" that smells wonderful.So I decided to wrap it up and make it into a gift for her to open in the morning. Hope she likes it! That girl can always make me smile.