Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, November 29, 2009

**Girls weekend at home**

Dori and I waiting for the last sheet of cookies to be done
Yummy,but some head fell off....so their holding they heads ..haa!
Cutting cookie time
Ella reading her book to her baby
Ella pretending to work like Daddy, get to work Daddy no more play time for you, hee

It doesn't happen often but Ella and I where home alone for the whole weekend. David my Dad and Brothers and friends went to Calgary to see the Grey Cup Game. It's always a fun and challenging this to do when there's only one parent around. But Ella and I had a great time together playing and going for walks. We read a ton of books and changed her baby's bum over 100 times, I'm sure of it. She seems to be poophie all the time :) We napped together and made cookies to. I did have to work on the Friday and Saturday and Grandma came over for the whole day Saturday to be with Ella. They had a blast, going to mom's work and seeing the bunny and kitty. And I'm sure Ella made her change baby's bum too. Peeyu! (not sure how to spell that one). We had a good time but ready to pick up Daddy tomorrow and tell him all that we did. I'm sure he has some story's of his own, what would they be?? hmm.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

**The night out on the town**

My beautiful flowers..."me over here"
The 30 year olds.

Some of the group at the hotel room

Rachel , April and Me...xo

The wet wet walk , with lots of giggles

Dave and Rach..xo

Marc me and Bryanna..xo

Coolest table there

Lindsay and Sean...xo

Erica and Rachel...xo

I love him..xoo or am I sleepy?

Whats so funny?

These 2 always get the camera some how..xo

Erica's shaky face..xo

Lindsay's shaky face..xo

Rachel's shaky face...xo

"NICK" the winner of the night ...man oh man! What a winner...xo

Sarah and Brad..xo

My BIG wish , and it was a big one!

The family couples...xo with Lucas and Amber. So nice to be with you guys..xo

Tracy and Mandy..xo

The day started out with a great morning hanging out with my family. I did have to work on my birthday but it turned out to be a great day. When suddenly, I was chatting to my client in my chair and a man in the front yells out..." Is there a Jolene that works here". I was like who is that yelling my name?? Then I saw the dozen roses in his hand, I got flowers!!!. So I waved my arms around yelling back at him...." I'm here , over here". The last time I got flowers was when I got my wisdom teeth pulled..hee. I was very surprised! I first thought it was from my girlfriend Bryanna b/c the writing looked like hers. But once I opened the card , it wasn't from bry .....it was from David??? Love you so much hun but I was sooo shocked. You hate flowers, " they die" remember. It caught me so off guard I had tears in my eyes, then my client started to tear up too. It was a great moment, even thought Dave hates flowers ...he knows they make me happy! Thanks you again babes. xox

Once I got off work and over the shock. We got ready and sent Ella to Nanna's house for a whole night's sleep over. She was so great for them, slept all night and have tons of fun too. Thanks you so much Nanna and Pappa, couldn't of done it without you. xoxox.

So here we go, off to the big city. Something we don't do every often. We got to the Hotel and had another surprise with a nice big room. So all my friends can meet up in the room have some pre drinks, thanks to Dave's mini bar he lugged around in a huge suit case. Got ready for the party to start. We all gathered and had a great little house party of our own in the room. Lots of laughs and story's being told, was so great! Then we all got ready for a very wet walk to the Kingston Bar/Restaurant. I totally recommend that place for the service and the hard work they did for our large group. The food was awesome, and drinks were flowing. And when it flows the camera starts clicking. So the strange pictures of my friends faces is a normal thing on a night out. We have this things where one person holds the camera and the other shakes there heads, it's more funny when you've had a few to many. But it happens so often it was about time I put some on my blog...sorry guys. But when you have my camera it's fair game. xo

It's was a night to remember and I'm so thankful that I have amazing friends and family. I feel very luck to have you all in my life. With all of us in the same way of life, being youth family's that we are. I know how much of an effort it is when you can come out like you did. And all I can say is Thanks and it means a lot :) And Dave you make me so very happy and I'm so thankful to have a wonderful husband and Father to Ella. love you

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The BIG 30...

Well it's happened. I'm officially 30 today. I've always said that my Thirty's are going to be the best. Tonight were going dowtown with some friends,I believe. Dave's planning the night and I'm not exactly sure whats happening. It's going to be a good day! Yeah for me!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ella helped her mum pick put some of the many leaves from our front yard. It was a nice sunny cold morning and we had a really great time jumping in the piles.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween fun....

Ellas loot, she was very proud of herself
Ella wanting ot hold Uncle Brad's hand
Daddy's turn to hold hands

Mommy's turn to hold her hand

Ella as a Monkey and Abby as a Spider

This is the new babysitter, the kids thought she was boring!

The famous Tractor

She was so happy riding on the hay ride

Well we had a really good Halloween this year. Ella really enjoyed going door to door. She was so surprised that people were giving her things to put in her empty bag. And that bag got really full, so full that she had to drag it home. We walked around the whole Crescent,while Ella wanting to take turns hold everybody's hand. Uncle Brad and Sarah walked with us and helped give out candy. We got about 25 kids come to the door which was better than our other place with the maximum of 14 kids.

We also went to the McGee fright night the Thursday before. Every year we go and visit Auntie Kimm as she volunteers. There was a haunted house and crafts and a very cold tractor ride. Ella was so excited about it, she loves Diggers and tractors. She wanted to stand the whole time to see the tractor drive. And had the BIGGEST smile on her face the whole time. It was a good night.