Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Noah getting older and Ella's turning 3

Noah 9Months Old Ella almost 3, supporting her home team with Dad
He has 4 teeth. Rolls over and can sit on his own. He's a smiling, fun and playful little man. He loves to eat everything from A to Z. But mostly loves to have his big sister dance and play with him. Ella piles huge amounts of toys on top of him,he doesn't seem to mind ;) He's one that can't not miss his morning nap. Will after stay up for the rest of the day and be down to bed for as early some days as 5:30pm(but not always mama's). He's my growing boy and I really hope he doesn't grow to fast. He's my last baby and I'm going to love every moment.

My sweet Ella is turning 3 on April 8th. I can't believe how much she's become in only 3 short years. Ella is one focused and determined little girl. Her way or the highway. It's been a struggle having to learn she can't conquer the world at her age. She's my little ball of fire and she's all Mine! Can't wait to make you your mickey mouse pancakes the morning you turn 3. It's going to be a great year sweetie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After

Bri Before
Brave Bri

Bri After
This is our good friend Bri, she's been grown her hair long to donate to locks of love. A company that makes human hair out of wigs for cancer patients. It was so much fun and she was so brave.Thanks Bri and the opportunity.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Prak's on the move!

Well we did it! We made it thought with just a few hick ups along the way.There are MANY great moments of the trip so I'll tell you the best one's. The first day at Disney was the best, we all had lunch with the princesses and Ella got to met her favorite character"Ariel". It put tears in my eye's to see her eyes light up and believe it's all a magical moment. Ella's personality came flying out and it was awesome! Both kids did really well on all the flying, it's was a happy 2 hours. The hotel's where both really awesome for a family of four .Very comfortable and close enough to everything with breakfasts included.I know this really great travel agent you can book with ,he knows everything about Disneyland, heee. There is lots of kids things and ride Ella could do and even Noah got on a few himself. The first few days Noah barely slept ,he would miss a thing. Ella loved the carrousel's,the Finding Nemo submarine ride(Cool),small world(Noah slept the whole time),Dumbo was a big one,Tea cups(so funny, we were all laughing), the safari boat ride was fun to. We met Pluto,Mickey,Goofy,Cinderella,Belle,Ariel,Snow White,Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan. I think that was all of them. In California Adventure the "World of Color" is totally worth the wait but don't forget your fast pass for that.It was truly Magical,even for me. It was a fun 4 days!

One day in California we got a rental car and drove to Santa Monica Pier.LOVE IT! The sun was out and the beach was packed with people working out(yoga on the beach) bikes,dogs,foods stands,people performing all around.We walked the Pier and Ella and I danced to every music performer. We looked at the carnival rides and gazed out to sea at the end.We rode the indoor carousel and leave it all behind. After we were walking back into the city and they have this long road for only people to walk (No cars allowed) and window shopped(Could of gone through all of the store, a shoppers dream....sign). We even saw the "IVY" restaurant.If your a girl like me and knows what the IVY is all about that was very cool. It's a restaurant that you see all of the *LA star* got for lunch. They all sit on the patio for the paparazzi to get a glimps of them for more explosion. I didn't see anybody but was it fancy food they where eating. After all the excitement we hopped back into the car and drove to the Medieval Times early dinner.I was not to sure if I would even enjoy something like this,but it was awesome! Ella totally loved it and the food was good and the whole thing was exciting. by fluke we got to the on the Blue team (Ella's fav color) and she even had our horseman throw her the flower into the crowd of people. She sniffed it for hours and was very impressed with herself.

So that was part one of our trip. Part two started off a little bit different.Noah started to get sick and it only got worse as time went by. We hopped on our 2 hour train to San Diego picked up our rental van(AWESOME) and drove to the emergency clinic. Thanks God for medical insurance just to see the doctor it's $200,one medication was $84 and the other $14.Crazy eh! So poor Noah had Crope, ear infection and a high fever. Once the med's kicked in all he did was sleep for 2 days straight. I was happy it happened in the middle of the trip,I found out you shouldn't fly with an ear infection .Your ear drum can actually explode or something. But this was really the only hick up of the whole trip. San Diego started with a trip to Legoland. This place is great for ages 2-8. Ella had a blast,and it so fun seeing all the lego people and animals all around the park. Next day we drove to the Safari Zoo where we saw animals that we all have never seen before. It's very large zoo with lots of walking.It was a really hot and sunny day to be there. And we had another carousel to try there. It was cute seeing Dave and Ella riding animals. Dave on a gorilla and Ella on a tall giraffe. Had some rest at the hotel and swam in the pool. Then we were off again, this time to Sea World. What a place, it was full of fun things to do and for all ages. The best part was for sure the Dolphin show and of course Shamo show. At the Dolphin show we decided to sit in the "Soak zone"......Ophs! We had two kids happy and clams but once the first wave of water came it all changed. We where totally soaked off of one wave. Dave and I were laughing so hard and the kids were screaming. It was funny but it was time to move up a little higher in the sun to dry off. hee!!haaa..Ella met cookie monster and Elmo there ,she wasn't to impressed at first but thought they were great by the end.We went back tot he hotel for more swimming and relaxing in our room. Then our last Park day arrived, the San Diego Zoo. Really nice park with exotic animal such as Elephants,Lions, Apes and giraffes with crazy Panda's to. I say that because today's morning news said a Panda at the San Diego zoo hurt somebody(Not sure what really happened though). So for our last day we went to the US Midway ship ,was really interesting and fun. The kids and I packed up and got home in one piece. It was a trip we will never forget and I think this is the longest posting I have done. I guess we really did do a lot. I wonder what will be next for our family of travelers?