Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My BIG update

Noah's room ,not so much a little baby's room

My photo's I took of plane in San Diego.I found all of the letters to spell Noah and One P

Noah's first birthday party.

Grandma's hard work, well done

Yummy ice cream on a hot day in Cultas

Yummy, Noahs first try of my blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Hug a tree once in a while,it's good for you :)

The big hike Ella did all on her own,well done baby

Adrianna and Ella holding hands at lake side

I couldn't keep Noah way from the water, so I finally let him go to it. He loved it!

My favorite picture of Ella so far this summer

What are you looking at?

Happy about the sticks we found on a walk

Noah modeling

Noah's birthday cake mess.

The cousins

Noah and Adrianna being silly together at breakfast, hazelmare

Some very wet sneakers

Noah at the beach,he wasn't liking the sand that day

Ella at the park

Our rock climbing night

Camping kisses

A hike in the woods

Well the Prak house hold have been very busy this summer.As you all know we purchased a trailer last winter and we have been nothing but using it to the max. So far we've done 4 camping trips 3 at Hazelmare and 1 at Cultas lake. We still have 4 more trips to go. The kids have been doing really well with the sleeping arrangements ,but the first nights with Noah are awful. But I do get to have a nap the next day to catch up which is a real treat. I really enjoy having breakfast together in the mornings and going for walks and a little bit of hiking to. Last weekend Ella did a pritty big hike that took us about 45 mins to finish. She surprised me and did really well with just holding Daves hand. I swear that girl has strong legs. Great job girl :)

We're still playing baseball 2 games a week and 1 on weekends. Know that I'm a stay home mom I find I'm even busier than I have ever been. Noah just turned the big 1 on July 2nd. He's beginning to pull himself up on the furniture and has even stood on his own for a few moments. His personality is just like a boy, sweet and cuddly but when he's mad he throws things around. He's very attached to mommy since I'm will both kids 247. He's a great sleeper when he's not teething. Eating can be a challenge ,he hated picking things up. Only cheerios he'll pick up everything else he throws to the ground and wants it off his tray. I know your my baby but I don't plan to feed you forever kids ;)

Ella.....she is a handful! I love you sweetie but I really hope the troubled three's are going to be over soon. She has a big heart and is very loving but it's been tough love and lots of whining with tantrums. Having a little brother around is a good thing, they play well together and it keeps her busy. She started Gymnastics and she's really good at it. The couch even suggested to put her in the age 4 group next time. But I'm not going to rush things. She's loving it and we'll be starting again next month.

I have been working from home cutting hair and doing a lot of highlights. I now know I really made the best choice for me to stay home and work from here. Its been busy and people are looking for me, and that's a good sign that people are happy with the work. yahoo... I would love the next house to have a basement or a separate space to put in a salon.Perhaps I'll just call it "JO JO's". hee...

Dave has been a busy guy with phone call after phone call in the office. With the great weather he's been working with the door open so the sun can shine through onto his office floor. Ever so often he's able to come out and kick the ball around with Ella and swing Noah on the swings. We have had many lunches on the patio together and even a few times getting the lawn cut while I listen for the phones.Hee...We just had our 5th year being married.So we decided to do something different as a couple and we picked to go indoor rock climbing. It was awesome! I seriously could do it every weekend. Then we went for a nice quiet dinner.Just what a couple needs.I truly can't believe how the time has past.And how much we have been able to do in the last 5 years.

Well I know I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. But I hope to do more in the future. Talk to you all soon again.


Anonymous said...

jo; i really love your idea of the airplane letters each framed to make noah's name. so wonderful!
andrea (april's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Andrea, it just came to me walking around the plane's. It was a fun project to do :)and I was so happy I found all the letters I needed.